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How to create a YouTube channel that can grow fast

How to create a YouTube Channel

Do you want to know how to create a youtube channel that can grow fast? Whatever your intentions for starting a channel, I promise you will be guided for the best result. So, stick around till the end!

Creating a youtube channel is now one of the essential parts of any business. Either you are a business owner or a content creator, a youtube channel would be a great way to connect with your audience.

If you are reading this article, that means you are curious about how to create a YouTube channel, or maybe you already have a youtube channel that is not performing well for your business as well as for your ad revenue.

Well, you are looking for some pro-level guides, right!

In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step process of creating a YouTube channel to become a successful YouTuber!

However, if you are interested in creating a youtube channel to keep your personal or private videos then you can make your youtube channel private from the setting tab. Or, you can keep your videos unlisted.

Why you should create a Youtube Channel

Before getting into the process of how to create a YouTube channel, let's see some facts and reasons for creating a YouTube Channel.

More than two billion people all over the world are browsing Youtube per month. Don't you think you can find and build your audience there?

Obviously, you can!

It doesn't matter who you are and who your audience is! You will find your targeted audience on YouTube to build a community yourself.

There are tons of reasons behind creating a youtube channel, but I have listed below the topmost!

To get more sales: 

If you are a business, there is no alternative to Youtube to generate sales. YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms where many people with strong purchasing power are available. 

You can easily convert your audience into your paying customer and generate sales for your business. 

To create a brand voice: 

Every brand needs to communicate with its audience. YouTube would be a great platform to create your brand voice and convey your brand's messages.

To build a loyal audience: 

Loyalty builds from trust! When your audience knows about your brand and keeps a clear image of your brand in their mind, they start trusting your brand. The great and free way to let your audience know about your brand is a YouTube Channel.

To build a side income: 

If you are not a business owner and hustling to build a side income funnel, then YouTube would be an excellent source for passive income. You can create a YouTube channel and start making money from it.

How to create a YouTube channel

Creating a Youtube channel is child play but researching before and optimizing after creating a youtube channel is kind of a tricky task.

So, if you have already created a channel, then don't worry about it! You can delete the channel and create a new one. Or, you can also keep the channel as it is and make a second one with the same account. You can create multiple youtube channels with a maximum limit of 50.

Let me clear one thing more about creating a channel. If you have multiple accounts, you can merge youtube accounts or transfer youtube account to one easily.

Now, let's start the step by process of how to create a youtube channel.


Select your Niche:

Creating a channel and drastically publishing videos without any context does not work. You have to be in a particular niche so that a group of people can be targeted in order to be engaged.


For example, you should not put gaming videos, tech videos, health-related videos, and funny videos on one channel!


If you are interested in gaming, you will have to start a youtube gaming channel separately. For other niches, you should do the same.


So, to get sponsored on youtube or promote affiliate products on youtube, you will have to select a specific niche.


Research your Audience: 

Once you select a niche, it's time to research your audience. If you are a business, you might already have information about your targeted audience, like your targeted audience's age, genders, interests, purchasing power, etc.


But, if you are a creator or a person looking for making some extra cash using YouTube, you have to research carefully about your audience.


Let suppose you are starting a gaming channel on YouTube; now, your targeted audience would be male and female, aged 13-25. 

See whether any company offering an affiliate program or not, what types of products you can promote to the audience, and, most importantly, the CPC rate of the keywords in your niche.

Choose your Channel Name:

Here is the main thing you should focus on how to come up with a youtube channel name

A YouTube channel name represents the entire content on the channel.

It would be best if you did not keep a name like TechCrunch and put videos related to health tips.


TechCrunch itself represents a technical channel where you can expect tech-related videos or similar to tech business, marketing tech, and so on.

You can't expect health tips on a technical channel.


So, be sure whatever you have selected your channel name, it must represent the channel's content. It helps to build authority in your niche, and people will trust you as a brand.

However, you can change youtube channel name 3 times within a time frame of every 90 days.


Create Google Account:

To create a YouTube Channel, all you need to have a Google account! 

To create a Google account, open your google chrome browser and click the square dotted icon appearing on the upper right side.

Open Google Chrome

Once you click, a popup will open. Click on the account icon in the red circle.

Square dots

Once you click on the account icon, it will take you to the below page!

Account page

From this page, click on the "create an account" tab so that it will take you to the below page.

Registration Form for Google

Fill out the form with the right information and click on the Next button. 

You should keep in mind that every piece of information you put there is absolutely right so that in case of any issue in the future with your account, you can complain or claim legally.

Now after clicking the Next button, it will take you to the below page!

Verification Form

Provide your real date of birth or whatever data you are providing; save it safely for your account recovery in case of future need. 

Once you fill out every information and click on the Next button, it will take you to the below page and ask you to verify your account using your phone number.

Mobile Verification

Once you are verified, it's all done for creating a Google account. Now agree with their terms and condition!

Terms and Condition

Once you agreed, you will be redirected to the account dashboard, like below!

Google Account Dashboard

Create your Channel:

Now here, your query about how to create a YouTube channel is going to be answered. From your account dashboard, click the square dotted icon on the upper right side so that it will open a popup like this below.

Account Dashboard

Click on the YouTube icon appearing on that popup. Once you click, it will take you to the official youtube homepage.

From your YouTube home page, click on your profile appearing on the upper-right side so that it will open a popup. From the popup, click on "create a channel." Once you click, it will take you to the welcome page.

Get Started a youtube channel

Click on the "Get Started" button so that it will take you to the below page.

Choose a channel option

Select your channel type from this page. You can create a channel with your profile name or make it with your company/brand name. As per your situation, select one and proceed.

Once you proceed with an option, it will take you to the below page, where you will have to fill out your information step by step.

create a channel name

Put your channel name on what you have decided carefully! You don't have to worry about it; you can change the channel name anytime you want.

Channel has been created

Congratulations, your channel has been created! Now follow the next step.

Upload Logo:

Now it's time to upload your logo. Again, the logo represents your content! 
Upload a logo

Make sure you are choosing the right logo concept for your brand. 

If you are a business and already have a logo, keep it as it is, but if you are going to build a personal brand, you can either create a logo or simply put your headshot in your profile.

However, you can search on the internet about how to make a youtube profile picture so that you will get a proper guide on making a youtube profile picture.

You can change the profile picture anytime, so don't be serious about it and proceed to the next step to add your channel description.

Add Description:

Write a compelling, attractive, and highly converting description for your channel that can describe your channel as well as evoke your audiences' interests.

add a channel description

If you are not good at writing, then you can hire a professional writer from Fiverr. 

Make sure you have added value for your audience in the description, like let your audience know why they should subscribe to your channel.

Most importantly, add your main keywords in the description so that your channel will appear when people search the keywords.

Nicely format your channel description with bullet points, numbers, bold, and italic so that it will be attractive to your audience.

Don't forget to highlight the main topics that you cover in your videos.

Topic, in a sense, the niche you are in, and the types of people who can benefit from your videos. 

Entertainment channels don't have to have a compelling description; having basic info is ok, but if your channel is about your business or you are producing learning content, it must be optimized, as I have mentioned above. 

Add Important Links:

Once you fill out the description box, scroll down to add your website's links and social media profiles to your channel.

website and social media links

Add all of your social profiles like the Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Twitter profile below, but if you don't have one, keep it blank or create profiles for free.

If you have a website, add it; otherwise, you can create a website yourself with any web hosting company you would like. After having a website, just put the website link below.

Customize YouTube Channel

Customizing the youtube channel is a subtopic of how to create a YouTube channel. 

We have already covered the main topic. 

Now we are getting into the subtopic, which is customizing a channel properly to look better to your audience.

There are tons of things to customize on your channel and its videos that will be discussed in other articles.

In this section, we will discuss creating a channel art called channel banner. We will then discuss creating a custom name, hiding subscribers count and its benefits, and changing your contact email.

To customize your channel, go to your youtube channel homepage and click on "Customize" like below!

Channel customization

Add Channel Art:

Now the channel page will open like below. Click on "Add channel art" so that it will take you to your drive's folder. Find an image on your computer to upload.

Channel Art

If you have not created a channel art banner, then follow the steps in the next part to create a banner for your channel art.

Create Channel Art:

You can create a banner yourself for free using canva or any other free online photo editing tools. To do so you will not have to be an expert in photography! Though if you are, then you can sell your photography skills by sharing your knowledge in your youtube videos.

However, while creating channel art, all you will need to keep in mind is the banner size for your channel art. YouTube recommends a specific size for YouTube channel art. The optimal size for a YouTube channel art is 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels in height.

You can change banner art anytime, so don't worry about it. Keep changing and experiencing different channel art with different sizes until you are satisfied.

The maximum file size of your channel art should not exceed 6 MB!

One thing more, you should keep in mind that if you are adding material like a logo, any subject or headshot, or any prominent object in your banner, then see it for every device by uploading your channel art.

See if your focused material either can be seen on every device (mobile, tablet, and computer) or not.

Create a Custom URL:

Creating a custom channel name is also known as a custom URL, which is the most authentic part of any channel. A custom URL will give your audience an easy-to-remember URL so that they can easily reach your channel and can share your content.

But, you can't create a custom URL right now!

Oh, how are you feeling?

Don't worry; you can change your YouTube URL once you acquire 100+ subscribers.

Gaining 100+subscribers is an eligibility criterion to create a custom channel name. You can easily reach 100+ subscribers within 1-3 months so, keep focusing on creating high-quality content.

Hide Subscribes Count:

I recommend you to hide your subscribers count until you gain 10k+ subscribers. 

It's human psychology that if people see you have a low subscriber base, they don't want to be a part of your community.

They try to avoid subscribing to your channel until and unless you have unique and outstanding content on your channel.

You can still view your subscribers privately. Just hide your subscribers count from the public, and don't worry about it because you can make it public anytime you want.

To hide your subscriber counts: Go to YouTube Studio from your channel dashboard > Click on youtube settings from the left side > Click on the "channel" from the popup > Click on advance setting > Scroll down to the subscriber count > Uncheck (Display the number of people subscribed to my channel) > Save!

Add email address:

You should add an email id to get business queries on your channel. You can change your youtube email anytime you want. 

To add an email address: Go to your channel dashboard > Click on customize channel > Click on edit links from the top-right side > Click on Email > Type your email address > Click on done.

Upload & Publish Videos

Before publishing your first video, see some facts about those videos that perform well. No doubt about the videos that get many views has unique and outstanding contents, but it also needs some optimizations.

I am not talking about SEO/SMO; it will be discussed in the latter part of this article.

Here I mean, you should record high-quality videos in resolution and add copyrights free music so that you will not face any issues.

Use professional video editing tools to edit your videos and add your targeted keywords in your video within the first 10 seconds in the voice form.

You can also edit your voiceover using professional audio editing tools.

Create your brand's intro and outro to add to your every video. Add an animation that tells you to "subscribe to my channel."

You can also "Go Live" instead of uploading a video, but first, YouTube will approve your channel to go live from your channel.

Upload Video:

Once you prepared your video to be published, it's time to post your video to the public or you can schedule your youtube video.

To upload a video, all you need to Go to the YouTube home screen > Log in to your channel > Click on the camera appearing on the upper-right side > Click on Upload Video > Click on Select > Browse your video from your computer > Click on your video > It will start uploading.

Now, suppose you uploaded any content on YouTube mistakenly. In that case, you don't have to worry about it because you can delete a YouTube video anytime.

After uploading your video, you can find your uploaded youtube videos on your channel page.

Edit Copyrighted Parts

If your uploaded video is found with copyrighted material, you will need to trim this part from your video being on the youtube video editor. It may take time but you can speed up your video on youtube editor or simply edit with Filmora.

Video Title and Description:

Write an attractive video title using clickbait techniques but remember, never add something in the title that is not included in your video content.

Add your main keywords in the title as well at the beginning of your video description. 

Never forget to add hashtags and similar keywords that your competitors already added in their videos. You can find your competitors' tags and stats using TubeBuddy.

Add Thumbnail:

To add a custom thumbnail into your video, you will need to verify your youtube account. You will have to verify both your email address as well your phone number.

Once you are verified, you can add a custom thumbnail to your videos. The optimal size for a custom thumbnail is 1280 pixels in width and 720 pixels in height. 

Add Annotation & Cards:

The term annotation is replaced with an end screen feature on YouTube! 

To add annotation or end screen: Go to upload video > select video file > Fill out title, description, and other info > Click Next > Click on Add (End screen / Add Cards ) > Select Option > Select time to show > Save. All done!

It helps your other videos to get a boost to your audience one after another.

Add Subtitle:

If your content is in your state language rather than English or your content is in English rather than your state language, in both cases, you can add a subtitle as an additional language.

To add a subtitle to your video: Go to YouTube Studio > click on "Subtitle" from the left panel > Choose your video that needs subtitle > Click on "Add" under the subtitle appearing on the right side > You will get 3 options, choose accordingly.

Comment Setting:

The comment is the only way you can connect with your audience and the only way to go viral (Including sharing). 

As many people comment on your video as much SEO boost, your video will get.

Sometimes, your video may contain sensitive topics, so that it will be necessary to disable your video comment. 

So, to disable comment: Go to edit video > More options > Scroll down > Comment and ratings > Click on drop down > Disable Comment.

Promote Your Channel

There are plenty of ways you can promote your youtube channel. You already know how to create a YouTube channel, and you did all the customization in your channel.

Now it's time to grow your channel as fast as it is possible.

First, all you need to do just after publishing your first 5-10 videos is, share on Facebook, Instagram, and 

It will help your videos getting an initial boost as long as it does not look like spam.

Make sure you are sharing your videos with the right person or community. 

Add some values about why people should watch your videos.

Share videos on Facebook:

You can now easily embed youtube videos on Facebook groups and pages to get more views and engagements. 

Create a group or page and continually be active in the community to engage your audience on Facebook. 

Always talk about the current trend on Facebook so that your reach will boost organically.

Share Videos on Reddit:

Reddit is a great platform to share YouTube videos. You can join related subreddit in your niche and share your videos. But, always remember the subreddit rules to participate in.

Share Post & Status on YouTube:

Another great way to promote your video is YouTube itself. You can share short clips or make image posts on YouTube related to your video to watch your video and get more reach.

You can also share your videos on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Create YouTube Video Backlinks

You can build backlinks for your youtube videos in order to rank your videos on the youtube search result. It will not only boost your video ranking but also will rank your entire youtube channel.

Monetize Your Content

There are tons of ways to monetize your YouTube content. You can make money by being sponsored with different brands, monetize your videos by putting google ads, promote affiliate products by recommending them on your videos, and so on.

You can make money from the beginning of your journey using different methods. To be eligible for google ads, you will have to gain 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ valid hours of watch time.


This article is about how to create a YouTube Channel! 

To create a YouTube channel, all you need to have a google account. 

After creating a Google account, sign in to your YouTube account and then click on your avatar appearing on the upper-right side.

It will open a popup; from the popup menu, click on create a channel. Follow the steps and create a YouTube channel within 5-10 minutes.

After creating a YouTube Channel, customize it for your audience as well as for search engines.

Write compelling and converting channel description to easily convert the newly visited people on your channel to your subscribers.

Publish videos on your channel and promote them using a different method.