How to verify a YouTube account to get the most out of it

how to verify a youtube account

Verifying a YouTube account is necessary for every creator. When you verify your account, it gives you some additional features on YouTube. 

After creating a YouTube channel, you should verify your Youtube account.

Here we mean verifying account is verifying your phone number so that you can get the most out of the YouTbe features.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to verify a YouTube account, this guide will help you the most.

Benefits of verifying the account

When you verify your YouTube account using your phone number, YouTube gives you some additional features, and AdSense gives you priority.

Add thumbnail:

You can't upload your custom thumbnail for your YouTube video until you are verified using your phone number. So, to add a custom thumbnail on your video, you will have to verify your YouTube account.

Adsense Priority:

To make money using the YouTube partner program, you will have to associate with AdSense. AdSense and YouTube are both different platforms, so after meeting the YouTube Partner program's eligibility criteria, AdSense prefers verified accounts. 

Up to 15 minutes long video:

Videos that are longer than 15 minutes can't be uploaded on unverified YouTube accounts. So, to be on the safe side and leveraging the most out of the YouTube features, you should verify your YouTube account.

Steps of how to verify a YouTube account

There are only five steps you can go through to verify your YouTube account. 

You should keep in mind that verifying your account doesn't mean you will get a verification badge as you can see a checkmark beside some channel.

verified badge

Getting a verified badge (checkmark) is another thing that requires eligibility.

YouTube provides this kind of badge when your subscribers' count reaches the 100,000 members.

Having a verification badge gives your channel authentication with no additional features. 

But, when you verify your YouTube account using your mobile phone, you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes and use your videos' custom thumbnail.

Let's see how to verify a YouTube account.

1) Go to your channel dashboard and click on your channel's logo so that it will open a popup menu. From the popup, click on settings.

Account Dashboard

2) When you click on the setting, it will take you to the setting page. From the setting page, choose the "Channel status and features" link appearing below the logo.

Setting Page

3) Click on verify!

Verification Page

4) Choose your country and put your mobile number to verify. Click on the submit button.

Submit Phone

5) Google will send an OTP to your given number. Provide this OTP to the google to verify it's you, that's it.

Now you can easily upload videos up to 15 minutes long and add a thumbnail for your published video.


This article explained a step by step guide on how to verify a YouTube account with screenshots. 

To verify a YouTube account, all you need to go to your channel's dashboard then click on your channel's logo. 

It will open a popup; click on setting from the popup so that it will take you to the account page.

Click on "Channel status and features" just below the logo of your channel. It will take you to the verification page.

From that page, verify your account by putting your mobile number and country.