Change YouTube URL: Types, Reason, Eligibility, and Steps!

Change YouTube URL

Are you bored dealing with lengthy and ugly YouTube URLs? Do you want to change youtube URLs?

If yes, you have found the right article!

In this article, I will share a step-by-step guide on how to change your youtube URL.

You can also learn a few more things about youtube URLs or links, such as what exactly YouTube URL means, different types of youtube links, you are eligible or not to change the youtube channel URL, why, and how you can create custom youtube URLs, URL shortener, etc.

However, if these things are something you are looking for, stick around until the end of this article.

What is YouTube URL

URL can be abbreviated as Uniform Resource Locator. Generally, YouTube URL is known as a unique link to a youtube channel.

Though different types of youtube links/URLs are available, we mainly consider the channel link as a youtube URL.

Example of a by default youtube URL:

Example of a custom youtube URL:

Basically, a custom URL is a unique username that we use to access that particular channel.

Eligibility to change YouTube URL

Your youtube channel must meet some eligibility criteria to create a custom URL, and some requirements will need to be filled out.

Let's check the basic requirements of a youtube channel and eligibility to change the youtube URL.

1) 100+ Subscribers

Just after starting a youtube channel, you can't change your youtube URL. You must gain at least 100 subscribers or more in order to change your youtube URL.

It is hard, but still, you can get 100 subscribers on youtube within one month even less. All you will need to build a strategy to get subscribers fast so that you can change youtube url.

2) Must be 30+ days old

Once you have started a youtube channel, you must wait at least 30 days or more to change the youtube URL.

3) Have a profile picture

Your youtube channel must have a profile picture or logo. You can change your youtube profile picture anytime you want, so you can randomly upload a profile picture, and then when it is needed, you can change.

4) Uploaded channel art

Channel art is a banner image that must be uploaded before changing your youtube URL. You can design your youtube channel art using canva. It is a free online graphic designing tool that can help you design your channel art and the thumbnails of your videos.

When you need to change custom thumbnails for your youtube videos, you can easily and freely use canva.

How to change your youtube URL step-by-step

To change the youtube URL, all you will need to do is follow a few steps below. However, if you want to learn yourself more about youtube URLs, you must check out the later parts of this article.

1) Log into your youtube account.

2) Go to "YT Studio."

3) Enter the "Customization" tab.

4) Click on "Basic info."

5) Change the youtube URL and publish it.

Types of YouTube URL

There are many types of youtube URL/links available such as channel link; youtube subscribe link, video link, comment link, etc.

Let's see each YouTube URL/link, what they are and how they look like!

1) YouTube Channel URL

When a youtube channel owner sets their username, it becomes the unique youtube channel URL that can be shared and remembered easily.

By default, the youtube channel URL looks very ugly, but when your channel becomes eligible to change it, you can easily have a nice easy-to-remember custom URL for your youtube channel.

Generally, you can find the youtube channel link when you are on the homepage of your channel.

Example of a custom channel URL:

2) YouTube Video URL

Every youtube video has a unique URL that can't be changed on youtube. To change youtube video URLs, you will need to have an additional URL shortener that will be described in the latter part of this article.

When you are watching any youtube videos, generally, you can find an option to share the video with others. 

Click on the Share tab, and it will open a popup from where you can copy the video link with others. 

There you will find a few more social media sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

You can also copy any of the youtube video links from the link bar of a browser if you are watching a youtube video on a web browser.

Example of a video URL:

3) YouTube Subscribe URL:

If you want to grow your youtube channel quickly, you can add a subscription confirmation URL on every video or promote this link to social media.

This type of youtube URL helps a lot to build a subscriber base very fast. For this, you will need to add an additional part to your channel URL. 

For example, if your channel URL is then simply add the additional part like ?sub_confirmation=1

The complete subscribe link will become something like this:

If you want to add this subscribe link, there is an option while uploading and adding details in your video on youtube. You can add a subscription button on every video as an end screen or iCard.

You can also find the embed code of any video to add this video to your website as an iframe.

4) YouTube Comment URL

When we comment on any youtube video, it will automatically generate a link that is called a youtube comment link. 

Of course, there is not much use for this type of link, but if we want to mention any comment to others or share it as evidence on social media, we can use comment links.

To find a comment link, you will need to click on the date of the comment that appears just beside the author of the comment. 

It will highlight the comment so that the link copied from the search bar helps you find mentioned comments.

Example of a Youtube Comment URL:

Why we change Youtube URL

You may still have questions about why people change youtube URLs. 

Though you've understood in the previous section of this article that changing a youtube URL means having a good-looking youtube URL, however, in this section, I would like to explain a few more points on the benefits of changing a youtube URL.

1) Easy to remember

When you put your brand name as the username of your youtube channel, everyone can easily remember to access your YT channel.

By default, youtube provides a username for a youtube channel that looks very ugly. The username is just randomly generated alphabets. So, to keep your channel URL remembered in your audience's mind, it is necessary to change the youtube URL.

2) To Build Trust

Your audience will have trust in your channel when they see your username in the channel's URL.

There may be lots of channels with the same name, so it is necessary to have a unique username for your channel to avoid duplication of your channel.

Sometimes people misuse your content by editing in the wrong context; in that case, you can also launch legal action on youtube.

In one word, if you have a custom username for your channel, you can easily build a healthy and trustworthy audience on the youtube platform.

3) Brand authoritativeness

Once you have a unique username for your channel, you can easily claim copyright for your videos so that people who copy your content can be caught.

Brands like T-Series and Set India produce content in the entertainment niche, such as T-series produces Bollywood songs, and Set India produces dramas, comedy shows, reality shows, and more.

Some people over the internet always try to get benefits from others' hard work. So they just download the youtube videos and reupload them on their channel.

T-Series and Set India have built their brand authority on the youtube platform so that if anybody copies their videos, they can claim their content and the entire channel as well. 

Based on the youtube impersonation policy, they can terminate these types of channels as well.

URL shortener that will make you more professional

When you start making money on youtube, you should make yourself more professional. Especially when you promote affiliate products, you will have to keep in mind that the trust of your audience should be the top priority.

Affiliate products' links generally look very ugly and lengthy. To make those ugly affiliate links shorter and good-looking, you can use URL shorteners like! In addition, premium offers a custom URL that can match your brand name so that you can build trust for your audience. is one of the industry-standard URL shorteners that allows custom URLs and many more features to track clicks of your links.

Question & Answers

In short, all the questions solved in the previous section of this article are explained in this section shortly. So, if you don't have time to read this detailed guide, read this question and answer to understand the entire article.

Q1. What is my youtube URL?

Answer: Your youtube URL is a unique link to your youtube channel. However, you can also consider different URLs as youtube URLs, such as a youtube video URL, channel subscription URL, comment URL, etc.

Q2. Can I change my youtube URL?

Answer: Yes, you can change your youtube URL. To change the youtube URL, you will need to have 100+ subscribers. It is the eligibility criteria for changing your youtube URL.

Q3. How to find your youtube URL?

Answer: You can find your youtube URL from the address bar of a web browser. To find your youtube URL, go to your YouTube channel homepage, then see above your web browser.

If you are using a youtube native mobile app, you can find the youtube URL by going to the channel page and clicking on vertical three dots. It will open a popup that shows a few options. Click on "Copy link," the channel URL will be copied.

Q4. How to get a custom youtube URL?

Answer: To get a custom URL, first of all, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and then follow these steps. 

After login into your youtube account, go to youtube studio. You will find the customization tab; click on it. It will redirect to a page where you will find "Basic info" click on it. Change your youtube URL and save it.

Q5. Can I Change the youtube URL once it is changed?

Answer: Yes, you can change your youtube URL 3 times over the time period of 90 days. 


YouTube URLs are the most important things to be considered for youtube content creators. If you have a youtube channel, then at one point, you will need to change your youtube URL.

However, to change the youtube URL, all you will need to do is follow the step-by-step process.

This article also explains the different types of youtube URLs, why to change youtube URLs, eligibility to change youtube URLs, and most importantly, the URL/link changer or URL shortener!

Overall, you will find the answers to all your questions regarding changing the youtube URL.