How to bold youtube comments and add emojis 🔥 🔥

How to bold youtube comments

The youtube comment is one of the most important parts of the youtube platform. You can emphasize and highlight any word or sentence easily.

You can also highlight a specific word or sentence in your comment by italicizing the word or sentence.

In this tubeguide, I will explain how to bold youtube comments and how you can add emojis to your comment.

How to bold youtube comment

To bold your comment, make sure you have logged into your youtube account.

After signing into your account, go to the video where you want to place your comment.

Go to the comment section and start writing your comment.

While writing your comment, you need to type the star sign (*) before and after the word or sentence you want to bold.

Example: *This is the bold text.*

How to add emojis on a youtube comment

Adding emojis in a youtube comment is as simple as copying something and pasting it to any place. 

To do so, all you need to search for the emoji on google that you want to add. Then copy the emoji from google and past it to your comment. Save your comment.

Another way of placing emojis in youtube comments is to press the right-click in the comment section and press the emojis tab from the popup window. 

Search your desired emoji and select to place it. Then save your comment.


This tubeguide is all about how to bold youtube comments and add emojis to your comment. 

To do so, type your comment and make sure you have added the star sign(*) before and after the word(s) that you want to highlight. 

To add emojis to your youtube comment, find your desired emoji on google and paste it to your comment. You can also right-click in your comment section then find emoji from the top option of the popup window. Save your comment.