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How to go live on YouTube, broadcast yourself | Live Streaming

How to Go Live On Youtube

YouTube broadcast yourself feature allows you to go live on YouTube. You can live stream yourself with your audience using your mobile phone as well as on your computer.

Live streaming on YouTube is a very simple process, but you have to align yourself with a lot of things behind the scene.

But don't worry!

In this comprehensive guide, I will take you to the step by step process of how to go live on YouTube yourself to connect with your audience.

Before diving into this comprehensive guide, I would like to suggest you stick around this guide till the end so that you will not miss any points.

Why broadcast yourself

The first step of this guide on how to go live on Youtube is you should know why you are going to broadcast yourself. Different people have different reasons for going live on YouTube, but a few reasons are common for every streamer. 

If you are one of YouTube content creators, then you also have reason to broadcast yourself. 

Here are a few reasons I have listed below that may relate to your sense.

1) To engage with the existing audience:

YouTube content creators go live on YouTube to engage with their existing audience. Although once YouTube approves to broadcast yourself, you can go live anytime. 

But, it would be better when you have at least 1000+ subscribers on your YouTube channel. When you go live on your channel, a positive impact will be created in your audience's mind.

2) To attract a new audience:

When you broadcast yourself to your audience, the friends of a friend of your audience will get a recommendation from YouTube about your streaming content. 

If they found you helpful, they may subscribe to your channel. That way, you can increase subscribers to your channel.

3) To have fun with gaming live stream:

For gamers who like commentary, live streaming on YouTube would be the best for them. 

They can go live on YouTube by accepting different challenges to pass any particular stage of a specific game. This is a great way to have fun.

4) To increase watch time:

The content creators who achieved 1000+ subscribers but couldn't complete the watch time can increase their watch time by broadcasting themselves. 

When you interact with your audience directly, they can easily connect with you so that they stay with you for along time. As a result, your watch time boosts.

5) To decreasing stress:

Creating content than editing for publishing is an overwhelming task. It will be next to impossible in your busy schedule to manage the consistency of producing your content. 

So, live streaming on YouTube would be the best choice to be active on your channel. When you go live on YouTube, you don't need to put extra effort into editing. 

Less effort = less stress, right! So, you can broadcast yourself anytime and anywhere you want.

Types of content for Live Streaming

The second step of this guide on how to go live on YouTube is choosing a content type. 

There are no restrictions on the content (legal content) for live streaming on YouTube. 

You can broadcast yourself on YouTube with almost any topic you want, but most of the YouTubers use the most popular content types to go live on YouTube.

Here are a few most popular content types I have listed below so that you will have an idea to go live on YouTube with. 

1) Tutorials:

If you started off a YouTube channel, then live streaming on YouTube with tutorials of something would be a great idea. 

Other content types require a broad audience to communicate efficiently. So with low subscribers, you can broadcast yourself on YouTube in the tutorials niche.

2) Live Events:

It is one of the most engaging content types that you can adopt to go live on YouTube. Live events such as meet up with co-creators of YouTube content, fanfest, live concerts, travel blogging, and many more things you can do with this content type. 

You can also broadcast adventurous or tourist places to your audience to connect with their emotions.

3) Games commentary:

This content type is best for gamers who love playing games at a top-notch level. You can show off playing a live game, achieving different levels, and live stream to your audience. 

Youth loves playing games so that whenever you do game streaming on YouTube, they connect with you. 

4) Unboxing:

If you are in a business niche, I mean, if your purpose of content creation is only money, then you can unbox different products and give reviews on it. 

Live streaming on YouTube by unboxing different products will increase your affiliate as well as ads revenue.

5) Q&A Session:

Fans always are curious about their favorite celebrities. They want to know about their lifestyle, their earnings, their success, and their failures. 

So as a creator on youtube, broadcast yourself giving answers to your fans' questions.

Requirements for live streaming on YouTube

By default, the feature of live streaming on YouTube is kept off by YouTube. Some verifications and approvals are required to go live on YouTube. 

Here are a few compulsory and a few optional requirements listed below to get the optimal results during the live streaming on YouTube.

1) A YouTube Channel:

As you know, without a YouTube channel, you can't broadcast yourself. So, create a YouTube channel so that you can build an audience to go live on your channel. 

For instance, if you made a wrong audience that you realize after going live on YouTube, you can delete your channel along with your audience. 

That way, you can also delete your streaming videos and then create a new channel for a new audience.

2) A verified account:

Once you create your channel, you will have to verify your YouTube account. Live streaming on YouTube requires account verification using your mobile phone.

3) Youtube's approval to broadcast yourself:

After your account verificationclick on the camera button appearing on the upper right side. 

It will open a popup, click on "Go Live," it will take you to the live streaming dashboard where a notification will show up that you can go live after approval from youtube. 

Maximum, it will take 24 hours to verify your authorization, then you can go live.

4) 1000+ subscriber count to go live on mobile:

Live streaming on YouTube using mobile phones is different from using computers. To go live on YouTube using a mobile phone requires 1000+subscribers count. 

When you reach this number, you can go live anytime you want.

5) A camera with a microphone:

A camera must be needed if you are not streaming tutorials using a screen recorder. 

Either you are using your mobile phone or a DSLR camera, you also need a good quality microphone for the best result during live streaming on YouTube. 

6) Stable Internet Connection:

Live streaming on YouTube is something like communicating with your audience one on one. If you don't have a stable internet connection, your audience will lose interest in connecting with you. 

Use a high-speed internet connection or go live on YouTube in the day time. 

At night, all people become free and start using the internet. As a result, internet service providers become overloaded. If it is possible to go live in the day time, then feel free to go.

7) Streaming Software:

This is the only option for game players to broadcast their gameplay using an encoder (Streaming software). 

To share your screen with your audience, you can use live streaming software like OBS Studio. It is one of the most popular and useful software in the industry. 

You can easily import, edit, export, and upload your video on YouTube in one place using OBS Studio.

How to go live on YouTube

There are two popular methods you can use to broadcast yourself on YouTube. Both have straightforward steps to go live on YouTube. 

But, I recommend you to use the YouTube studio itself, unlike you don't stream gameplay.

Going live on YouTube using the Youtube studio itself is very easy and straight forward. Here are the simple steps to go live on YouTube.

1) Sign in to your YouTube account.

2) Click on the camera icon appearing on the upper right side. It will take you to the YouTube studio page(If you already verified your mobile number).

4) From the studio dashboard, you can either schedule your streaming or go live right now! Choose accordingly.

Option for streaming

5) After selecting an option, it will take you to the page where you will be asked to either go live with your existing camera or use any encoder.

Encoder or camera

6) Choose accordingly, and create a title for your streaming.

Live streaming setting

7) Set up everything accordingly and click on Next to go live on YouTube.


Live streaming on youtube is effortless; you can broadcast yourself anytime, anywhere.

All you need to keep in mind is that you will need to verify your YouTube account then apply for live streaming on youtube.

When they approve your channel to go live on youtube, then simply follow the steps above and go live.