How to watch private youtube videos (create>share>find>watch)


How to Watch Private YouTube Videos

Looking to watch private youtube videos?

Well, YouTube is available for everyone but not every video on youtube is available for everyone. 

Some content creators on youtube set their videos as private. If you are looking to watch those private youtube videos, then you have landed on the right article.

In this article, you will not only learn how to watch private youtube videos, but you will also learn how to make videos private and share those private youtube videos. You will also learn the difference between private videos and unlisted videos.

In my previous article, I have shared how to find unlisted youtube videos, I will also share how to find private youtube videos in this article.

Why creators make their videos private?

There are plenty of reasons behind creating private youtube videos.

This section of the tubeguide will discuss the top and common reasons behind making a video private.

Let's dive into the reasons:- 

1) To keep as a demo:

Companies that have clients to show the demo of their products need to share it as a video file. 

To play a high-resolution video requires a high-end device as well as a lot of MBs to download the file. 

It is also a time-consuming process, so most companies use a video-sharing platform like youtube to share their demo video. 

This demo video is not for everyone, so the company makes their demo videos private. To watch this private youtube video, the client will require a link shared by the company.

2) To keep as personal:

We all have our own best memories in our life, right? Earlier in the 19th century, we used to keep our best memories in photographs; still, we do! 

But, now, technology allows us something more advanced. 

Nowadays, people keep their memories in video forms. 

Some people share those videos on social media like Facebook, and some don't want to share them with others.

Those people who don't want to share with the public can use youtube and make their videos private. 

Still, if the creators want to share their private video with their family or a special person, they can. 

The viewers will need to have a private video link shared by the creator to watch the private youtube videos.

3) Special video to reward:

The YouTube video creators (especially trainers) trick their audience into being engaged. 

They offer different videos for special people as a reward. Like the most active viewers can watch their special training video.

If the audience wants to watch the video, they will have to follow what the video creators instruct. After that, the creator will share a private video link. 

Through these links, the audience can watch private youtube videos (training videos). 

4) Special video to collect emails:

Email marketing is on the trend list in 2021. Everyone who wants to sell online focuses on email marketing. 

Most of the youtube content creators in the affiliate marketing niche always try to collect emails from their audience. 

Some creators focus on bringing the audience to their blog/site, where they already set up an email hunting landing page, pop up, or opt-in form. 

On the other side, some content creators create a special training video(s) and offer their audience in order to collect their emails. 

It also requires a landing page but not the entire blog or website.

How to make youtube videos private or unlisted?

The steps of making any youtube video private or unlisted are almost the same. 

But, I will explain both of them to differentiate between them. 

Before the steps on how to watch private youtube videos, I recommend you to know how to make a youtube video private or unlisted. 

In the future, if you want to share something like this, it would be helpful.

1) Making videos private:

To make your youtube video private, go to your youtube studio page and enter the content tab. 

In the content page, you will find all of your uploaded Youtube videos. Select the video that you want to make private and hover over to it. 

You will see a bunch of options; click on the down arrow appearing beside the public. Once you click on the drop-down arrow, it will show you a few more options. 

Select the private option and then save it. Your Youtube video is now listed as a private video.

2) Making videos unlisted:

I mentioned that making videos private and unlisted are almost the same. 

To unlist a video, go to the dashboard of your studio page. Find the content tab and click on it. It will take you to the content page where all of your uploaded videos are available. 

Select the video that you want to unlist and hover over to it. 

Once you hover over, it will show you some options. From there, click on the drop-down arrow so that it will open a popup. 

From the popup, select the unlist option. Finally, save it; the video will be unlisted.

How to share private youtube videos?

Sharing a private youtube video is simple; all you need to do is go to the content page of your channel and then hover over the selected private video. 

You will see a drop-down arrow. When you click on the hand, it will show you some options. 

From there, click on the "share privately" option, and it will allow you to enter emails of those people you want to share your private youtube video with.

Enter all the emails of those people who are going to be allowed to watch the private youtube video. 

You can also tick the "notify by email" option so that all of the people will be notified by the email.

How to find private youtube videos?

Private videos are excluded from the youtube search result. It is impossible to find any private video until and unless you have a link to view the content.

All you can do is ask the video creator to share a viewing link of the video with you, or the creator can invite you via email to watch the private youtube video.

The process of sharing a private youtube video or an unlisted video is explained in the previous section.

How to watch private youtube videos?

Once you have a link to watch a private youtube video, you can watch the video anytime you want using any web browser that supports youtube. 

You should keep in mind that having the link is not enough; the uploader of the video must allow you by adding your email in the private video sharing panel. 

Either the uploader invites you via email or shares a link with you; if your email address is added, you can watch the private youtube video. 

You need to consider that you must have logged in to the youtube platform using this email address to watch the private youtube video.  

If you are thinking of downloading a private youtube video and re-upload or share anywhere else, then simply you can't.

Most of the youtube video downloaders can't fetch the private youtube video.

Private videos VS Unlisted videos?

The private youtube videos and unlisted youtube videos are both the same but have a little difference. 

In the case of private youtube videos, you will be allowed to share the video with 50 people only. On the other hand, there is no such restriction to share the unlisted youtube videos. 

If you are trying to watch private youtube videos, you must be invited and have to log in. On the other side, you will not have to log in to watch unlisted youtube videos—all you will need to have a link in both cases.


This article explains how to watch private youtube videos as well as watch unlisted videos. In both cases, all you will need to have is a link shared by the video's uploader.

Also, many significant points are explained, such as why and how people make youtube videos private, how to share and find private youtube videos.

Unlisted youtube videos are almost the same thing as private youtube videos. In this article, you will also find some significant differences between private and unlisted youtube videos.