How to delete a YouTube video using a mobile or desktop?

How to delete a YouTube video

More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.  Not necessarily all of them are important to everyone, right!

Sometimes mistakenly, videos are uploaded. Sometimes, the videos' owners lose interest in their own videos and decide to delete them forever.

If you are a newbie video creator on YouTube or just wanted to know how to delete a YouTube video, then stick around until the end of this article.

This article will explain how to delete a YouTube video forever from your mobile phone or just using your personal computer.

How to delete a YouTube video

You can delete your video from YouTube at once, or you can remove all of your videos together by deleting your YouTube channel

YouTube has different interfaces for different devices. It has a different look on desktop mood and a different look on the mobile app.

So basically, there are two methods you can use to delete a YouTube video.

Delete a YouTube Video Using Desktop:

The first step of deleting a YouTube video is logging into your YouTube account. Go to the YouTube home page and click on the upper right side (SIGN IN).

YouTube Home Screen 

After sign in to your account, go to your channel dashboard just by clicking on your avatar appearing on the upper right side.
Then simply click on YouTube Studio just like below.

YouTube Channel Dashboard

Once you enter YouTube Studio, you can see all of your videos listed there. Select your video that you want to delete forever from YouTube.
Hover over your mouse cursor on the selected video and click on vertically three dots.

YouTube Studio

When you click on the three dots, it will open a popup. Click on delete forever from the popup. Once you click on "Delete forever," it will again open a new popup to confirm your action. 

Delete YouTube Video

Just check the confirmation box and click delete forever. That's it; your video will be deleted. 

Confirm to delete video

Delete a YouTube Video Using Mobile App:

Now let see how to delete a YouTube video using the mobile app. To delete a YouTube video using the mobile app: open your YouTube app, then click on your profile (avatar), then click on the "Your Channel."
Once you enter your channel dashboard, you can see all your uploaded videos in your videos tab.
Select your video that you want to delete and then click on the three dots button.

Mobile screen dashboard

When you click on the three dots option, it will open a popup.


From the popup, select the delete option, and it will again open a popup to confirm your action.


Click on Delete so that the YouTube video will be deleted from YouTube forever.

Delete video on mobile


From time to time, the YouTube platform changes its interface for a better user experience. 

If you find anything in this guide that doesn't match your current interface, please contact us to help you out with your situation.

Why people delete a YouTube Video

There are tons of reasons that may bound you to delete your video from YouTube. 

We have been discussing how to delete a YouTube video from the beginning of this guide.

This section will discuss why a channel owner or you can say a creator deletes a YouTube video.

Well, as I said that there are many reasons behind that. But, I have tried to explain a few of them below.

Copyright infringements: 

Copyright content is strictly treated on YouTube. Sometimes channel owners use different free materials in their YouTube videos that may be protected by copyright law. 

After uploading these kinds of contents on YouTube, a notification will be sent from YouTube to the copyrighted contents' actual owners. 

So that if the owners claim to remove this content, you will have to remove it. 

Sometimes without proper notification, it would be automatically removed from YouTube.


The wrong statement went viral:

When you are famous on YouTube, you may sometimes publish content with an incorrect statement without having any idea about it. 

It's ok to be wrong, as human beings are made with the erring, but sometimes it needs to be corrected by deleting this content from YouTube.

Low-resolution video:

At the beginning of your YouTube journey, you may not afford a high-resolution camera to shoot. 

So, you may need to delete low-quality content to maintain your channel's reputation when you established your channel. 

Expired Offers:

Companies that publish different offers on their channel need to delete their content regularly. They post various offers for a limited time. 

After expiring the offers, they have to delete this video from YouTube. Other than their audience got confused with their outdated contents.

Benefits of deleting a YouTube Video

If you are in a niche that doesn't require deleting videos, then it's ok.

If you are deleting your videos regularly, then let's see some benefits of deleting YouTube videos.

When you delete your outdated videos and produce fresh content, your channel gets boosts in SEO, and your channel looks absolutely fresh.

Your audience will always be updated with fresh content and connected with your brand for long terms. 

Long terms connected audiences convert more rather than the new audience.

On the other hand, your audience (New/old) will not get confused with your outdated content. 

A brand changes its statement about the products and services with the time revolution. If you don't delete your outdated content, your audience may get confused with your outdated videos.


Step by step process of how to delete a YouTube video is explained with the proper screenshots. 

To delete a YouTube video, all you need to do is logging into your Google account then click on your avatar to open your channel dashboard.

From your channel dashboard, simply go to YouTube Studio and select your video that you want to delete.

Hover over the video and click on three dots. Then click on Delete forever and again click on Delete forever on the second popup to confirm your action. 

All done! Your video was deleted successfully.

That was as simple as a child's play. 

Still, due to the regular changes of the YouTube interface, you may see some differences in the future. 

Hence, please contact us via comment or message to get personalized help for free!