How to see subscribers on youtube?

 how to see subscribers on youtube

YouTube content creators are always curious about their subscribers, mostly newbies.

Wen they have subscribers below 1k, they always try to see their subscribers count, from where they are coming from, and how they interact with their channels.

If you are one of them, then stick around this guide till the end.

In this TubeGuide, I will take you to the step by step process on how to see subscribers on youtube.

How to see subscribers on youtube

It's an easy process to see subscribers on youtube; you need to follow the steps below.

1) Go to Your Channel: 

After signing in to your youtube account, click on your youtube profile picture appearing on the upper-right side. When you click, it opens a pop-up form where you select the "Your Channel" option. When you select the " Your Channel," it will take you to the channel page.

2) Go to Channel Customization: 

After landing on your profile, click on the "Customize Channel" so that it will take you to the studio page.

3) Go to Channel Analytics: 

When you landed on the studio page, it's time to go to the channel analytics page to analyze your subscribers. See the left panel of the studio page, and you will find the analytic tab. Click on it so that it will take you to the analytic page.

4) Analyze Accordingly: 

You are now on the page where you can access all data about your subscribers, such as who subscribed to your channel, when subscribed to your channel, from where they belong, and a lot more. But one thing you should remember that these data will be visible to you till your subscribers allow everyone to see them.


Bonus Tips

I hope you already learned how to see subscribers on youtube. 

Now, I would like to share something that will help you to analyze your channel properly.

There are plenty of tabs available beside the "subscribers" tab on the analytic page, such as "watch time" & "Views." 

You can generally analyze how many views your channel has right now in the "Views" tab. On the other hand, you can also see watch time to understand either you are eligible for AdSense or not.

There are also some advanced features available on the top of the analytic page. You can check your content's engagement with your audience, and most importantly, you can sort the data using time and date.


If you are looking for how to see subscribers on youtube, you need to go to your channel dashboard and select the left panel's analytic tab.

You can see subscribers, watch time, views, engagements, and more.