How to italicize on youtube?

italicize youtube comment

Formating text helps to visualize the critical part of the writing, so people always try to highlight the most important words or even the whole sentence of their conversation.

This tubeguide is all about formating text on youtube. 

If you are one of those who loves to formate their writings, especially on youtube, this tubeguide will help you understand how to italicize on youtube. 

We will discuss how to bold youtube comments on another article.

How to italicize on youtube

Suppose you are looking for how to italicize on youtube. In that case, you will learn how to italicize youtube comments straightforwardly in this tubeguide.

Italicize video comments:

To italicize your comment on any youtube video, you need to make sure you are logged in to your youtube account and then go to the comment section and type your words. 

After completing your writing, make sure you have put the underscore sign (_) before and after the word that you want to italicize. Example: _Italicize_ 

Note: The method will be the same to italicize the whole sentence.

Example: _This whole sentence is italicized_

Italicize before and after

Some people have the misconception that to place any comment on youtube; it is required to verify your account, which is wrong. You don't need to verify your youtube account in order to place any comment.


This tubeguide is all about how to italicize on youtube. The simple steps you can follow to italicize your comment or any part of your youtube comment. Such as, after signing into your youtube account, type underscore(_) just before and after the word(s) that you want to italicize.