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How to make money on youtube | Youtube affiliate marketing guide

Youtube affiliate marketing

Starting youtube affiliate marketing is a kind of online business that you can do without putting your money at risk.

Every business has risks! Some have in the form of money, and some have in the form of your valuable time.

In that case, you will have to put your valuable time at risk, but don't worry!

If you go right after exactly the step by step of this TubeGuide, I guarantee you a definite success of your online business.

Well, if you are looking for how to make money on youtube, this guide is absolutely for you.

In this TubeGuide, I will take you to the step by step process of starting a youtube affiliate marketing business that will skyrocket your income.

How to make money on youtube?

Well, this guide is all about making money on youtube. You will learn how to make money on youtube using youtube affiliate marketing.

So, before diving deeply into the youtube affiliate marketing process, I would like to recommend you to stick around till the end of this guide so that you will not miss any point.

What is youtube affiliate marketing?

Youtube affiliate marketing is something like you promote any physical or digital product on youtube for the sake of a little commission.

Here is a little doesn't mean your little income!

Let suppose you promote a product that costs $20. 

On average, affiliate programs offer 10% of commission for every sale you generate. 

So, for each sale, you will get $2. 

Though $2 is very little, if you will generate 100k views per month(that I will teach you how later), according to the average conversion rate of youtube affiliate, which is 1%, you will generate $2000 / month.

Who should start youtube affiliate marketing?

Everyone who has an interest in making money online can start a youtube affiliate marketing business.

But, one thing everyone should keep in mind that creating high-quality video content is the key to success in youtube affiliate marketing.

Sometimes you may need to face the camera, so if you are not familiar with the camera, it would be hard for you.

Similarly, those interested in creating, editing, and sharing video content can start youtube affiliate marketing.

How to start youtube affiliate marketing?

To start your youtube affiliate marketing business, you need to be focused and follow the right strategy.

It takes time to succeed, so be patient and keep on creating great content.

Here are the nine steps of youtube affiliate marketing below to solve your query of how to make money on youtube.

So let's dive into the nine main steps of the youtube affiliate marketing business.

1) Pick up the right niche

You can't just promote every product on your channel. You will have to enter a particular niche so that you can create video content around it.


When you create niche-based content, you will build authority in that particular niche. People will start trusting you, which is the base of youtube affiliate marketing.

Now let's see how we can pick up the right niche to grow our youtube affiliate marketing business as soon as possible.


a) Think about yourself: 

YouTube affiliate marketing is not an overnight get rich scheme, so you need to understand; it takes time to build a passive income funnel. 

If you don't have an interest in what you do, you won't go for a long. You have to figure out what you have a desperate interest in. It would be anything like health & fitness, tech, programming, beauty & skincare, entertainment, or anything else. 

b) Research the competition: 

Almost everything of our day to day life is on the internet right now. When you decide to enter a particular niche, there are already a lot of people in it. 

So, all you have to research the competition in your niche as well as in your region. To research your competition, simply search the different channels in your niche on YouTube.

Another way, you can put your niche on the Ahrefs keyword research tool and see how difficult it is to rank on the youtube search result.

c) Find the loophole: 

When you research your competition, you may see something your competitors are not covering in their content. 

Find a profitable loophole that can build your business fast. If still, you can't find the loophole in your niche, then simply change your style of talking from your competitors. 

Be attractive and build your convincing power to create great content and stand out from your competitors.

d) Research the market demand: 

Now it's time to research your niche market demand for youtube affiliate marketing. When you put your niche on Ahrefs keyword research tool, you will see CPC rate. 

The higher the CPC rate means the higher demand for your niche. You can also do some research on affiliate commissions that which niche is providing a higher commission. 

We will discuss affiliate programs and their commission in the letter part of this TubeGuide. 



2) Create a youtube channel

Once you select your niche, it's time to create a youtube channel. Make sure you have a Gmail account that will be required to start a channel. 


Creating a youtube channel is very simple. All you need to go to, then sign in with your Gmail account. Then click on your avatar appearing on the upper right side and then click on create a channel. 


By following the steps there, the channel will be created.


It is necessary to keep in mind that you will have to customize your channel properly with optimized channel description and channel art.


Make sure you have set up all of your social profiles and your contact email on your channel so that potential leads will come through.

3) Set up your gear

You have a niche channel, so now all you have to prepare yourself to produce great content. 


The greatness of video content comes from different tools and techniques.


What if you have great content ideas and don't have any tools to bring them to life? 


So, make sure you have the right tools and learn the proper techniques to use them.


The necessary tools may vary according to your selected niche. Some niches required a Studio set, such as a camera, tripod, backdrop, flashlight, and more. On the other hand, some niches required only a screen recorder.

But, every niche is required editing skills. No matter what your niche is, make sure you have learned different video editing skills.


4) Create content

It's time to create amazing content that can generate sales. If you are in the entertainment niche, you don't need to focus on selling; just create content to engage your audience.


Other than that, go through the steps below while creating and publishing your video content on YouTube.


a) Research Keywords: 

The first step of your content creation strategy is researching keywords. The top keywords are probably covered by your competitors in your niche but don't worry about that; you can still compete with them in the future. 

For now, you should focus on less competitive keywords in your niche. To research keywords, go to ahrefs free keyword generator and put your niche there. It will show you a bunch of keywords with its stats, such as search volume, difficulty, CPC rate, and more. Sort out one or two targeted keywords to use in your video.

b) Implement keywords in the video: 

Now, the best part comes in. Implementing keywords in your video is necessary to rank higher on Google voice search and youtube search results. You will have to tell the keywords in the first ten seconds of your video to rank that particular keyword(s).

c) Implement keywords in the video title:

While publishing your video, make sure you add keywords to your video title. Keywords in the video title will help your video to rank on top of the search result. Also, youtube will recommend your video to a potential audience.

d) Implement keywords in the video description:

One of the essential parts of a youtube video is its description. The video description contains important links and a brief of the video. So, youtube uses the data of your video description to rank your videos higher. You can add related keywords at the beginning of your video description.

5) Promote your channel

Without promotion, growth is not possible. From the beginning, you will have to go ahead with the right promotional strategies.


Here are a few types of promotional methods you can use to promote your small or medium-sized youtube affiliate business.

a) Run promotional ads: 

YouTube itself offers promotional ad services to promote the youtube channel. For beginners, it is hard to survive on the youtube platform as a creator. After uploading a few videos on your channel, I recommend running youtube ads to promote your channel. 

b) Comment on the other videos:

The very easy and popular method to promote your channel is commenting on relevant videos on youtube and Facebook. It helps to recognize your brand and increase subscribers and watch time. Make sure you are following the community rules of youtube while placing comments on any video.

c) Link back to your other videos:

There are plenty of ways of linking any videos to your relevant video. You can add your previously published video links to your newly published videos. You can also add relevant videos on youtube cards as well as on the end-screen of your videos.

d) Join promotional Facebook groups: 

One of the best ways to promote your youtube channel is Facebook groups. You can join different Facebook groups to promote your channel as well as your videos.

e) Collaborate with Other YouTubers:

When you gain some followers on youtube, you can collaborate with other YouTubers the same as you. It is also called cross-promotion. Both will share their subscribers.

f) Go live: 

Interaction keeps your audience active. Only having subscribers will not generate views. So, to keep your audience active and engaged, you should go live on youtube weekly or monthly basis. It can be in the form of Q&A sessions, podcasts, live game streamings, unboxing, or anything else.

6) Sign up with a different affiliate program

Now it's time to get some affiliate product links from the various affiliate programs. There is a lot of company to choose for your youtube affiliate business. So, be selective and narrow down your niche as much as you can. Here are the top three platforms you can use to get the affiliate links.

a) Amazon affiliate:

Amazon associate is the number one platform for YouTube affiliate marketing. You can join the Amazon affiliate program from anywhere in this world. 

Simply join and start promoting affiliate products. But remember one condition of this platform: if you can't generate sales within 180 days, your application will be disapproved.

b) ShareASale:

Most of the digital companies use ShareASale to offer their affiliate program. So, it would be a great resource if you can use it for your youtube affiliate business.

c) Niche Websites:

If you live in a country where ShareASale doesn't offer their services or are not interested in promoting Amazon affiliate products, you can join a specific niche-based website to promote their products.

7) Plug the affiliate products in your videos:

When you get affiliate links, it's time to plug the products in your videos the right way.

It is the most crucial part of the youtube affiliate marketing business, so be careful when you talk about affiliate products in your youtube videos.

There are different techniques you can use to place your affiliate products' recommendations in your videos.

a) At the beginning: 

You can recommend your affiliate product to your audience just after your video's intro. 

Be clear by mentioning that you will get a small commission if someone clicks the affiliate link and purchases from there. 

Also, don't forget to mention that no additional cost will be applied to the purchaser at all. The transparency builds trust.

b) At the End: 

This is the most popular way that non-marketers always use. The person in the entertainment niche or any public figure niche feels it hard to recommend the affiliate products at the beginning or mid of the videos. 

So, once the video content ends, they recommend their audience to purchase affiliate products using their links.

c) Creating a suitable situation: 

This is the most common way everyone tries to recommend their affiliate products. 

Though it is challenging, if you can do it right, the conversion rate will grow exponentially. 

Let suppose you are making funny videos and trying to promote headphones.

Now all you can do is compose a scene where you are listening to a song using headphones. 

During the scene, make a dialogue related to the headphones and tell about the headphone you are using from where you purchased. 

Example: I purchased this fantastic headphone from the XYZ website, and you can also buy it by clicking the link in the description below.

However, similarly, you can promote other products such as car paint protection film PPF Singapore if your channel is based in Singapore!

d) Picking up the relevant topic: 

If you are in an educational niche and make different tutorials, you can pick up various topics related to the affiliate products.

Let suppose you are in the tech-internet niche. You can make videos on how to host a website and recommend different web hosting companies.


8) Right way to insert affiliate links in the video description

When you sign up for the affiliate programs, you will get different lengthy and ugly types of affiliate links. You should not put it directly into your video description.

Now all you should do is, cloak your affiliate links using different URL shorteners such as Google URL shortener, Bitly, and more.

There are two benefits of using URL shorteners, such as good looking and short URL, and the second most important benefit is you can trace how many clicks you are getting in your affiliate links. 

So, you can cross-verify if your affiliate program cheating on you or not.

9) Grow your business like a pro

The success of every online business depends on quality and consistency. 

As YouTube affiliate marketing is one kind of online business, you will have to maintain the consistency of producing quality video content.

No matter at the beginning how you are getting responses from your videos, be motivated and keep on producing quality content. 

Share different stories and short videos on the timeline—publish community posts on youtube. 


If you are looking for how to make money on youtube, this youtube affiliate marketing guide will help you build your online business.

This tubeguide contains nine proven steps to succeed in the youtube affiliate marketing business.

Through the nine steps, you will be guided from the basics to advance.