How to find unlisted youtube videos

Did you try, then failed, and now searching for how to find unlisted youtube videos?

Well, you can consider that you found it!!

In this tubeguide, I will explain how to find unlisted youtube videos.

Before diving into the step-by-step process of finding unlisted youtube videos, I would like to explain somethings related to them.

First, I am going to explain what exactly unlisted videos are, then why people unlist their youtube videos, then how to upload them, and finally how to find unlisted youtube videos.

What are unlisted youtube videos?

The videos that are not publically published and not available organically in the youtube search results are known as unlisted youtube videos.

Unlisted videos are similar to private videos, but the private videos feature has a limit of sharing 25 people only! 

On the other hand, there are no such limits for the viewers of unlisted youtube videos.

The people who have access to the link of the unlisted youtube videos can watch them. It doesn't matter the quantity!

Why it is essential to list youtube videos as unlisted

You will have to consider a lot of things as a content creator when you will build enough fan followings on your YouTube channel.

This section will explain a few points on why it is essential to list youtube videos as unlisted.

Avoiding mistakes: 

After publishing any content on your channel, you may get thousands of views if you have enough audience. 

Suppose you have uploaded a video that has a lot of mistakes; it may damage your career. 

So, what if you recheck the video yourself and invite people who are trusted to find your mistakes. 

You can invite unlimited people to check your content before the premiere of your video.

To provide premium training: 

If you plan to launch your educational site or app to offer your video training, this is the right option for you. 

To reduce the server load of your site or app, you can use youtube unlisted features. 

I already have mentioned in the previous section that unlisted youtube videos can't be searched on youtube. So, you can offer premium training to your audience to make some extra cash.

How to upload unlisted youtube videos

To upload an unlisted video on youtube is quite simple. 

You will need to go to and sign in to your youtube account, then click on the CREATE button appearing on the upper right sight and upload the video.

Fill out the title and description. Select a category and write tags. Do everything that requires to publish a video. 

In the end, select the option "Unlisted" from the visibility tab and then save it.

How to find unlisted youtube videos

Finding unlisted youtube videos is very simple. You will need to log into your channel and click on your profile image that is appearing on the upper right side.

A dropdown menu will open when you click on your profile picture. 

From the dropdown menu, select youtube studio. It will take you to the studio page. From the left panel, click on the content tab.

When you enter your content page, you will find all of your videos listed there.

Find one by one of your unlisted videos, or you can filter out by the filter option appearing on the top.


If you are looking for a complete guide on finding unlisted youtube videos, this tubeguide is absolutely for you. 

You can learn how to find unlisted youtube videos and learn about the importance of unlisted youtube videos and how to upload them.