How to cut a youtube video that's not yours? (Best video cutter)

  How to cut a YouTube video that's not yours

Are you searching about how to cut a youtube video that's not yours? If yes, you are on the right article.

In this article, I will take you to the step-by-step process of cutting a youtube video using the best video cutter available on the market.

We will also discuss the top 5 best video cutters, and I will recommend the best one to start cutting youtube videos right away!

Why people cut youtube videos?

There is a lot of reason behind cutting a youtube video. This section of the TubeGuide will discuss the top most common reasons behind cutting a youtube video using the best video cutter.

1) To share a short clip with friends: 

While watching a youtube video, you may find something interesting in a long video. You will need to cut the other parts of the video to share the specific part.

2) To create memes: 

Memes are one of the trending marketing techniques in 2021. Most marketers use different memes to convey their message in a video

On the other hand, various YouTubers, specifically roasters, use memes to troll and criticize someone on the internet that goes viral most of the time. 

In both cases, to create memes of a youtube video, you need to cut out a specific video part.  

3) To convey a specific message: 

Sometimes, we need to establish, verify, or mention our standpoints to others by a video from a well-known and authoritative person in a specific field. 

The biggest source of videos is YouTube, so we need to find the relevant video on Youtube and cut out the specific clip to share with others using the best video cutter.


    Cut a youtube video that's not yours?

    If you upload a video on your YouTube channel and cut/trim a specific part of the video, you can easily trim the video on youtube.

    Still, if you want to cut a youtube video that's not yours, then there are two methods you can use to cut a youtube video uploaded by someone else.

    The number one method is to use an online youtube video cutter, and the other way is to download a youtube video and then cut using video editing software.

    Both approaches have free and paid options. So, choose according to your needs whether you want to do it professionally or want to do it just for fun.

    In both cases, the steps of cutting a youtube video are very simple. This section of the TubeGuide will discuss the online tool clideo and video editing computer software Filmora.


    Cut a YouTube Video Using Filmora:

    To cut a youtube video professionally that's not yours, Filmora is the best video cutter forever. I suggest you use their pro version to do your video file exporting without any watermarks.

    Filmora is an industry-standard video editing software so that you can make memes or other kinds of video editing works professionally.

    Simple Steps to Follow: - Follow the simple steps in Filmora to cut a youtube video.

    1) Go to the official website of Filmora and purchase a plan. Then download and activate the video editing software. It is a computer based software so that it will be easily accessible anytime.

    cut a YouTube video

    2) Find your video on youtube and copy the link of your video. You can search the video by entering your query on the search bar.

    3) Go to the free youtube video downloader page and paste the video link on the downloader.

    4) Convert the video in whatever format you want and then download it.

    5) After downloading the video file, it's time to import the downloaded video to Filmora. To import the video into filmora, go to file > Import Media > Import Media File OR simply press CTRL+I button to import media file.

    cut a YouTube video using filmora Step1

    6) Now click on the video and drag it to the edit panel. You will find a horizontal line with a scissor appearing on the edit panel.

    cut a YouTube video using filmora Step 2

    7) Set the cursor on which part of the video you want to trim.

    8) Click on the scissor, and the part will be separated.

    9) Just keep the part that you wanted and delete the rest of the other parts.

    cut a YouTube video using filmora Step 3

    10) Click on the export button appearing on the top-bottom of the video title. 
    Choose the resolution and save the file on your directory or directly share it on YouTube.

    Cut a YouTube Video Using Clideo: 

    Clideo would be the option to cut a youtube video that's not yours for instant results without acquiring any editing skills.

    Steps to cut a youtube video:

    1) Go to the official site of the clideo and find the "Cut" tab from the home page. Once you click on the "Cut" tab, it will redirect you to the tool page. 

    Clideo video cutter

    2) From the tool page, click the drop-down menu beside the "choose file" tab.

    3) From the drop-down menu, you will find an option to paste a youtube URL.

    Clideo video cutter tool page

    4) Go to the YouTube platform and copy the video link you want to cut.

    5) Paste the video link in the input filed. It will fetch the complete video itself.

    6) Set the from-to time and click on export.

    Clideo video cutter Edit Panel

    7) It will start cutting your youtube video. A few seconds later, you will find a few options like removing watermark that is paid, download the clip, and edit the video again.

    Clideo video cutter Export

    8) Choose the option accordingly, then download the clip.


      Top 5 alternatives of Clideo

      We have discussed the two tools to cut a youtube video that's not yours, and as I promised, I recommend you; the best one is Filmora. Though, you got to know the two tools. I want to share with you other top 5 alternatives.


      One of the best video cutters on the market is YouTubetrimmer. If you want to share a youtube video link for a specific part of the video, then YouTubetrimmer would be the best choice. It's free and open-source, so you don't have to worry about paying someone to edit/cut the video.

      Another open-source best video cutter for youtube is YTcutter. You can easily cut the youtube video using the youtube video link. All you need to go to the official website of YTcutter and then paste the youtube video URL on the link input section, then start cutting the video.

      One of the best freemium youtube video cutters is It has both a free and paid version. In the free version, you will have to bear the watermarks. On the other hand, you can use paid version to cut out the video professionally.

      It is one of the best video cutters that offers a lot of free features. You can visit their site and easily cut out any specific part of the video and download it in any format. The best part of the tool is you can download it as an audio file also.

      If you want to cut out a specific part, in the meantime, want to add a text on the clip, then Hashcut would be your best choice.


      This TubeGuide is absolutely for those people who are looking for how to cut a youtube video that’s not yours.

      You will learn with the step-by-step process. There are two method we have used in this tubeguide such as a computer software called Filmora which is best and the second one is cloud base online tool clideo to cut a youtube video that’s not yours.

      We also discussed about the top 5 alternatives of the youtube video cutting tools.