How to watch deleted youtube videos?


How to watch deleted youtube videos

On average, almost all the people on the planet are using youtube and spending nearly two hours a day.

If you are one of them, you probably face some content that has disappeared from the platform for a certain period.

There might be a different reason, but still, in some cases, you can give it a try to watch your favorite videos on youtube.

In this tubeguide, you will learn how to watch deleted youtube videos.

How to watch deleted youtube videos

To watch deleted youtube videos, you need to follow a few easy steps. 

In the later part of this tubeguide, I will explain the reasons behind deleting a youtube video.

But, for now, let's dive into the easy steps of how to watch deleted youtube videos.

1) log in to your account: 

Log in to the youtube account is not important if you want to watch randomly deleted youtube videos.

If you're going to watch the videos that you have marked to watch as later, you need to log in to your account to see the URL of the deleted videos. 

Copy the URL of the deleted videos by right-clicking on the deleted videos. You can also find the URL from your search history or watch history.

2) Visite

Now it's time to go to the website called, from where you can browse the deleted video. This is the library where all the archive contents are available.

3) Paste the URL of your desired Video:

When you visit the website called, you will see a search box where you will need to paste the URL that you copied from YouTube. 

It will fetch the deleted video in front of you. Just play and enjoy the video that you wanted to watch.

Why YouTube Delete a video

YouTube has no restrictions on watching videos, but it definitely has restrictions on sharing content.

YouTube has strict rules, terms, and conditions so that from time to time, the youtube content creators need to update their content.

Sometimes the youtube robots remove old content automatically from any channel for any reason.

It might be possible the content may violate terms and maybe for copyright claims.

However, content creators have to follow the rules. If someone violates the laws, youtube immediately punishes them by deleting the content or putting copyright claims on the content, or sometimes completely putting a strike on a channel.


If you saved a video on youtube to watch it later and when you go to watch it later, you saw just the video is disappeared.

And, for that reason, if you are upset, then this tubeguide will feel you better.

In this tubeguide, you can learn how to watch deleted youtube videos in a few steps.

To watch deleted youtube videos, just copy the URL of the deleted video and paste it to It will fetch the deleted youtube video so that you can enjoy it.