How to message someone on youtube?

How to message someone on youtube

Messaging someone on youtube is a necessity when it comes to communicating with the content creators.

But, youtube decided to remove this feature on 18th September 2019.

It is because maybe there are lots of spammer misuse this feature; however, we can still communicate using a different communication method.

In this tubeguide, we are going to discuss how to message someone on youtube using different methods such as emailing and video comments.

Communicate through the email

If your communication's purpose is for sponsorship, you can communicate with the content creators using their email addresses.

You can find their email address on the about section of their youtube channel.

You will need to go to the channel of the content creator and find the about section.

See the below of the about section, and you will find a tab called "VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS," just press on that. You will then be required for a reCAPTCHA verification, and then finally, you will get the email address. 

View Email

When you click on the email address link, it will redirect to your ms outlook.

If you already configured your outlook with your email, then you can send the email directly to the YouTuber; otherwise, setup yourself or simply copy the email address and send the email using Gmail.

Communicate through the video comment

You can communicate with your favorite YouTuber using the comment section of their videos. 

You can appreciate or criticize anyone using the video comment.

But remember the community rules of the youtube platform.

You can't just use abusive words or spread the haters; it will cost you to be banned utilizing this platform.


If you are really looking for how to message someone on youtube, then you can easily do that.

There are two ways you can send your message to your favorite YouTuber.

You can either send an email to the content creator using his/her email address, or you can place a comment on the video of its content creator.